Austin, Texas is home base for photographer Felicia Graham. Born and raised in Houston, it wasn’t until eighth grade that the role of yearbook photographer first introduced Felicia to the thrilling yet intimate experience of being behind the lens. She loved capturing the iconic moments of adolescence with her friends. And though the pursuit of an engineering degree might have thrown photography by the wayside, a camera kept reemerging and finding its way into her hands. This time it was a gift from her father that reignited her passion and turned photography into a career.

       Felicia has spent the last 20 plus years capturing not only her subjects’ most candid moments but has developed lifelong friendships through her ability to earn her subject’s trust and respect. Felicia has photographed hundreds of musicians, artists, actors as well as everyday people in ordinary situations transforming through her vision the mundane to something of which her audience takes special notice. Her photos have depth and feel and express the unique complexities of her subjects as though her camera is the translator from that world to ours. Felicia’s work has appeared in numerous publications and she has spent since 2005 documenting the brawl and grit of The Texas Rollergirls. These days Felicia spends most of her time working in film and television, capturing images both on and off set.

In May 2010 Felicia completed a masters in photojournalism from The University of Texas.

In 2018 Felicia Graham published Rollergirls: the Story of Flat Track Derby. It's available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book People in Austin. 

Regular clients included Netflix,  ABC/Disney, Warner Brothers, NBC, HBO & HBO Max.


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